App Advertising Banners Setup

We currently offer the ability to serve a banner ad on our Android and Apple (iOS) app on certain views.  We are currently integrated with AdMob by Google.  Below you will find instructions on how to setup an advertisement within your custom app.  Currently you can create a custom banner that goes to a website, or you can take advantage of the AdMob Network (or another ad source) where random ads are shown on your custom app giving the event the opportunity to generate some income on impressions and clicks.
  1. Create a Google Account if you don't already have one.
  2. Create an Admob Account.  This requires you have an AdSense and AdWords account which you might already have linked to your Google Account.  Just follow the instructions.

  3. Next design an ad banner if you plan on doing an Image Ad instead of a Text Ad.  We recommend at least these two sizes,  1456x180px and 640x100px to cover all mobile and tablets.  Two examples are below.

    Note: Contact us for our design department rates to create these banners for you.

  4. Under AdMob, click Monetize in the top menu and click + Monetize new app button if available.
  5. Under Step 1, Search for your app, by entering  the name of your custom app and Select the Android or iOS version of the app. Click Add App. to finalize Step 1.


  6. Under Step 2, select Banner, enter an Ad unit name, something like the name of your app.  You can modify the refresh rate if you have multiple banners for this ad.  Click Save.

  7. Under Step 3, click Skip.
  8. After adding the initial app we need to add the other app, either Android or iOS.  Repeat steps #4-#7 above.
  9. After adding both apps you can confirm both were added by clicking the Monetize link in the top menu and viewing both apps on the left side.

  10. Next we need to create the actual ad for both apps.  Click on the Campaigns tab in the top menu.
  11. On the Create a new Campaign view fill out the Campaign name, Goal type of value Mediated House Ads with a Rate of 100,000.00, Type of House ad, for Schedule choose end date or No end date and Frequency capping of No cap on impressions. Click the Continue button.

  12. On Step 2 choose the Ad units for this campaign.  Click the Continue button under Ad units.  Click Continue to move to next step.

  13. On Step 3 just click Save Campaign and Continue.
  14. On Step 4 of Design ad select Text ad or Image Ad, depending on what you are going to show.
  15. Fill out the information for Text ad but for Image ad it's a little more involved.  Give a detailed name for Ad name, select Website tab instead of App, fill out Destination URL for when the ad is clicked, and upload your banner image. The size of one ad should be 1456x180px and the other 640x100px.  Click Continue button once done.

  16. Repeat Step #16 above for other banner sizes by clicking + New ad.  We recommended the sizes at a minimum in step #3 above.  When campaign is complete click Done button.

  17. After the Ad Unit has been created you will see it under the Campaigns tab.
  18. Next we need to add both these ad units to the Exposure system.  Click on Monetize in the top menu and click on one of the apps (Android or iOS) on the left side.
  19. Copy the Ad unit ID for that ad unit.  It will be in the format of ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Repeat step #21 above for the other app.  You should have two Ad Unit IDs, one for Android and one for Apple (iOS).  Make sure you know which is which before we enter them into Exposure.
  20. Next navigate to the Event Settings in Exposure (Events -> Event -> Settings) and find the Ad section.  Enter the two Ad Unit IDs in their respective places.

  21. Last we need to test if the ads are visible on both devices. You should wait a few hours to a day for ads to show up on the app.

    If you don't have both devices have someone test for you.  Also close out the app all the way, or wait 5 minutes for it to uncache if you recently viewed it.  Navigate to an event in the app, and click Divisions.  You should see the ad you added at the bottom of the app. Congrats!

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