The Baseball Legends (Director)

The following article are instructions for event directors from The Baseball Legends (TBL).

Team Linking

The following steps are needed to link or add an existing team from a coach account to an event team under a TBL director event.

  1. Under your Event Teams request the Team ID from coaches who aren’t link.  You can verify who isn’t linked by the highlighted icon under the Linked column.

  2. After receiving the Team ID, click on the Team Name under a Teams view who will be linked.

  3. Verify the Season is added to the team, specifically the start and end year.

  4. If this team has coaches and a player roster, and they don’t have any stats or pitching logs please delete them from the event roster so that the new coach and player roster propagate down from the linking.  Go to Coaches and Players under the team in the submenu and do a select all and do a bulk delete.  You can also Export the roster before doing so and provide it to the coach to import the roster on their side.

  5. Go back to the Team Details page and click the blue Link button next to the Team ID.  If you can’t the team is most likely already linked as you can tell but the right Team ID of the blue link button.

  6. Paste or type in the Team ID received from the coach and select Include Coaches and Players.  Click the black Link button.

  7. You have completed linking and should see this team under the point standings.

Note:  If you have duplicated coaches and/or rosters it’s because you didnt delete the event coach and roster before doing the linking in step #4.  Contact us so we can help you merge them at

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