The Baseball Legends (Coaches)

The following article are instructions for coaches of teams that will participate in events ran by The Baseball Legends (TBL).

Team Linking

The following steps are needed to link or add an existing team from a coach account to an event team under a TBL director event.

  1. Skip to step #3 if you already have an Exposure coach account.
  2. Create an Exposure coach account (
  3. After logging in, under the dashboard go to Teams in the main menu
  4. After verifying the team you are adding isn’t under your account, click + Add Team button, otherwise click the team name and skip to step #6.
  5. Fill out all information, including the Season and click Save.
  6. Click on Seasons in the submenu. If season is already added skip to step #9.
  7. Click the + Season button.
  8. Choose one or more seasons you will be playing in for TBL Baseball.  If it’s more then one click the + plus button, otherwise click Save
  9. Click on Teams in main menu, then click Team Name again.
  10. The season(s) that were added will show more fields at the bottom of the page.  Complete the fields which should be Age Group, Classified As, Current Division, and Member Since. Click Save.
  11. Also make sure if you haven’t already to click Coaches and Players in the submenu and go through the process of adding them to the system.
  12. Click on Teams in main menu, then click Team Name again.
  13. Copy the Team ID if requested by a TBL Director and send it to them.
  14. For any TBL tournaments please register and use this team.


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