Manual statistics

Exposure offers the ability to enter manual statistics.  This is currently only available for basketball and limited for football.  Follow the steps below to enable default or manual input of statistics for a game.
  1. Navigate to your Event Settings and under the Statistics section choose Manual as the Type and fill in Periods Per Game and then click Save.(Events -> Click Event Name -> Settings in submenu)
  2. Also click Show Rosters under Teams section under the Event Settings. (Events -> Click Event Name  -> Settings in submenu ).
  3. To update statistics for a game go to either Division Statistics (Events -> Click Event Name -> Divisions in submenu -> Click Division Name -> Statistics in submenu) or Event Statistics (Events -> Click Event Name -> Schedule in submenu -> Statistics in submenu ).
  4. Filter the games to find the correct one, then after selecting it fill in the appropriate stats and click Save.

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