Team registration setup (Director)

We offer free registration, meaning we don't take anything off the top and you only pay your payment provider fees.  Below you will find steps to get your event up and running for registration.
  1. Create event (Events -> Click Event name -> Add Event button)
  2. Add divisions (Events -> Click Event name -> Divisions in submenu -> Add Division button)
  3. Setup payments and prices
  4. Modify registration settings (Events -> Click Event name -> Settings in submenu -> Registration section)
    • Enable registration
    • Enable or complete other settings that are relevant
  5. Modify payment settings (Events -> Click Event name  ->  Settings in submenu -> Payment section)
    • Select payment provider from step #3 that was created.
    •   Enable or complete other settings that are relevant  
  6. Test registration from registration page on event website or registration widget (Events -> Click Event name -> Blue Website button -> Registration link or Events -> Click Event name  -> Widgets button -> Registration widget)
Check out our Payment and Prices support pages for more information on payment best practices and setup.

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