Cross play

You can cross play pools if needed within a division.  You can cross play divisions, but the standings won't transfer between divisions.  Scheduling a game in another division won't effect the previous division either.  

Pool Cross Play

  1. Go to Schedule (Events -> Click Event Name -> Click Schedule in submenu)
  2. Click + Game button at the bottom if grid is already created
  3. Select Division
  4. Select Type of Individual Game
  5. Select two teams for cross play and click Save or to add another game
Note: If you plan to cross play within divisions we recommend combining divisions with two pools and give the pools labels.  Example would be combining the 10th and 11th grade divisions into one called 10th/11th Grade. Then create two pools, one called A with a Pool Label of 10th Grade and another pool called B with a Pool Label of 11th Grade.  This way you can cross play teams but keep them in separate grade pools.

Division Cross Play  

Cross playing between divisions is mainly used to get a team an extra game, most likely an exhibition.  The team being placed in this division will need to be added to an existing pool or added to an invisible pool to create a matchup.  Doing this will keep the team in the primary division but won't count against that divisions pool standings.
  1. Go to the pools page of the division you want to move the team into (Events -> Click Event Name -> Click Division in submenu -> Click Division Name -> Click Pools in submenu)
  2. Within the Available Teams header bar click on + Add Teams button.
  3. Select the other Division the team is coming from.
  4. Select the Team or Teams you want to add to this division.
  5. Click + Add or + button.
  6. Add the Team or Teams to an existing or new pool
    1. If you want the team to be visible in the pool add a new slot to an existing pool and drag the team or teams into it (+ button on the existing pool)
    2. Add a new pool by clicking the + Add button at the bottom and unchecking Visible.  This will hide the pool from the public but give you the ability to cross play pools.
  7. To add a matchup follow the Pool Cross Play section above.

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