Updating scores

You can update scores in a few ways with a couple of roles.


If you plan to use a laptop or computer you can update scores from your director account.  You can also do this from a mobile device but it is recommended to create a scorekeeper user to do this.  Scores can be found under Events -> Event -> Schedule -> Scores.  This will be a table view of your schedule.  Click on the + button to the right of score if it has already been entered.  A modal will appear where you can update the score and click Save.


If you plan to have multiple people update scores you should create one or more scorekeeper accounts.  This way you can give a user a username and password to the Exposure site and they will find a mobile friendly view to update games for your event.  You can also deactivate this user later if needed.  Follow these instructions to create a scorekeeper.

Ask about our SMS game update feature where you can update a game with just a text message.  You can watch this video for more info on that.

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