Team Credits

For teams to be visible in any display of the schedule they need a credit applied to them.    You can apply credits later on when you are finished with the schedule.  Follow the steps below to apply credits to teams.

Quick Publish

The Quick Publish menu on the Event Details page is the fastest and most efficient way to apply credits.  Depending on the Credits button on the quick publish menu you will either need to purchase them first or apply them.  

If you click the Credits button on the quick publish menu without having enough credits it will redirect you back to the purchase credits page.  After purchasing credits you will be redirected back to the Event Details page where you need to click the Credits button again to apply them.  If you already have enough credits or if your credit card is saved in the system you can apply credits with one click along with the confirmation.

Note the quick publish menu will only appear after a schedule has been created.

Applying Credits

When you are ready to launch your schedule you can use the following steps to apply credits to your teams to make them visible.  If you already have enough credits under your account then skip to step #5.
  1. Navigate to the Event Teams page (Events -> Click Event Name -> Click Teams in submenu).

  2. Select the No Credits button above the table to view all teams without credits. If you have enough credits under your Account page already, then skip to step #4.

  3. You will see a Buy button with the total needed, or you won't because you already have enough credits under your account.  Click the Buy button if it does appear to purchase credits.  After purchasing credits you should be redirected back to the teams page, if not repeat step #1.

  4. Select all teams, they will turn yellow in the table.  You may have other teams on page two and so on so to be sure repeat step #2 to see if you have everyone covered.

  5. From Actions dropdown select Apply Credits and your teams will be visible   (Applying a credit to a team with one already will be ignored).

Note: There maybe a small cache delay so give it 1-5 minutes if you access the schedule beforehand when they were hidden.

Purchase Credits

You can purchase credits from two places.

1. From the Pricing page linked from the homepage of Exposure.

2. Under your Account (if authenticated, link top right of site) you can click on the # Team Credits button from your dashboard.


Revoking Credits

Credits can't be revoked after they have been applied to a team unless they came from registration which has a two day revoke period.  If you don't want credits applied to teams until the schedule is ready then do the following.

1. When adding or importing teams deselect Apply Credit  checkbox before adding or importing them.
2. Disable Apply Credit under the Registration and Payment section of your Event Settings (Events -> Event -> Settings)

If last minute a team drops or you make an honest error by deleting teams then please contact us with the details and we will reimburse you.

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