Game streaming setup

We offer the ability to stream live games on demand and watch the replay of it afterwards which ties into a schedule on the widget, website, and app.  We currently only integrate with  

The Cube

  1. Create an account on The Cube,
  2. Under Exposure, add it as a streaming provider (Settings -> Streaming Providers -> Add Streaming Provider -> Choose The Cube -> Fill in necessary information)
  3. Add the streaming provider to your event (Events -> Event -> Settings -> Streaming Providers section -> Type drop down)
  4. After creating your schedule go to scores (Events -> Event -> Schedule -> Scores)
  5. Select the games you want to stream and from the Actions dropdown select the Video Stream option and Add/Update
  6. To begin streaming, log into The Cube's app for Android, iPhone or iPad or other avenue by reading the How to Stream With Us article on the Cube.

Best Practices

Stream with WiFi or a strong 4G connection
Streaming requires a strong upload speed and will use approximately 500mb of data per hour on medium quality setting. For an optimial stream, stream while connected to WiFi or a strong 4G connection.

Know your Internet speed and select the appropriate quality to stream
Download the app to check your Internet UPLOAD speed, click on the settings button on the stream modal window and then set your quality according to the following:
Below 1 MBPS: Low
1 to 3 MBPS: Medium
4 to 9 MBPS: High
10+ MBPS: HD 720 or HD 1080

Get equipment accessories for a professional setup
Place your mobile device in a professional mount like the iOgrapher Mount and place it on top of a tripod. Then, pair a Bluetooth headset with your mobile device for an amazing, professional streaming system that outperforms other costly equipment setups.

Check out The Cube's online streaming guide for more information and tips.  Watch this video on how to setup, view, and record a game.

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