Prices best practices

Below you will find some of the best practices and tricks when creating prices for registration and payments for an event.

Early Bird Price

In this scenario the event coordinator should create two prices. The early bird price should have an end date when it's not available.  The regular price should have a start date.  This means it will switch automatically once the date hits.


Some organizations require deposits or full payment.  To handle deposits two prices should be setup.  

One for the registration where the initial deposit can be made.  The price should uncheck Mark As Paid, and have the Display type set to Registration.  This way when a team selects this price during registration they won't be marked as paid, and the price won't show up on the payments page because of the display type which is set to All by default.

The second price should be the second half of the initial deposit.  It should have Mark As Paid checked, and the Display type set to Payments.  This way the team can go to the payments page in the widget or event website to make the final payment and be marked as paid by the system.

Multi-Team Discounts

We currently don't handle mufti-team discounts.  However you can create two or more prices that represent registrations of one or more teams.  This does take into account the honor system by the teams registering to select the correct price when they register multiple teams.  Just keep an eye on payments that come through to make sure that is the case.

Different Division Prices

If you have prices that are different based on division you can select the relevant divisions when you create the price.

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