Publish display options

There are a number of ways to share your event information including the schedule, pools, and brackets with the public.  Choose the best option that fits your organization and preference.

Event Website

When you create an event with us you automatically get an event website setup.  Under your event details if you click the blue button called Website or Schedule it will open up your event website.  Just copy the URL from the browser and either put it on your site, send it out in an email, or both.  We recommend using the Schedule page on your event website as the main landing page.

This option is for organizations who don't have a website, like the clean look of our website, or like the ease of use of just providing a link to all the event information.


We provide a number of widgets you can put on your site.  It's a piece of code you can copy and paste on your site to generic items like the schedule, pools, brackets, teams, etc.  You can find these from the Widgets button under the event details page.  To get a widget follow these steps.
  1. Navigation to the Event Widgets page (Events -> Event -> Widgets button top right)
  2. Select Schedule from the dropdown
  3. Download or Copy the code and give to your webmaster
This option are for organizations who want users to stay on their site for event information.


We provide a number of reports that contain event information.  These are direct links to report like displays of event like the schedule, pools, and brackets.  These can be printed out without any issue.  You can view these links under your event from the Reports link in the submenu.

These are for users who want to link directly to the schedule that is plain and simple.


Whenever an event is published it will show up on our default Exposure app, and if the organization has a custom app, that as well.  Some organizations tell users to get information directly from the app during an event, but we recommend providing an option online also from the above options.

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