Publish troubleshooting

When publishing your event some questions may arise.  Follow the steps below and if they don't fix the issue contact support.

Schedule, Pools, or Brackets Not Visible

  1. If the schedule, pools, or brackets were accessed or navigated to before you published your event it maybe cached. It can be cached on the widget, event website, reports and the app.  If this is the case give it 5 minutes to reset.  For reports you can add any querystring at the end of the URL to see your update.  Noticed below the querystring r=22 was added at the end of this report, refreshing the cache.  Adding r=23 could refresh it again and so on.

    If you can see data and your public can't it might be because you are logged into the system.  Log out to verify that is the case, otherwise it maybe a caching issue.

  2. You may of set the schedule availability date and/or time under the Schedule section of your Event Settings. They may not of been reached yet. therefore hiding the schedule.  Either remove these or update them appropriately.

Updated Schedule, Pools, or Brackets Changes Not Visible

Please see Schedule, Pools, and Brackets Not Visible above.

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