Publish schedules, pools, and brackets

By default all pools, brackets and schedules are hidden from the event. When the schedule is ready to be published to the public the following steps should be done and verified.

We have a Quick Publish menu on the Event Details page of your director account once a schedule is created.  If you have done this a few times you may start using that menu instead since you will have steps #3-#4 already in place or memorized.  Also you can update your Global Settings in the main menu and click the Override button when you hit save to make sure all future events have the same settings, like your pool tie breaker rule.
  1. Go to Event Settings (Events -> Click Event name -> Click Settings in submenu)
        Select Show Pools, and update Tie Breaker Rule, if event has pool play  (Pools section)
        Select Show Schedule (Schedule section)
        Select Show Brackets, if event has brackets  (Brackets section)
        Click Save at the bottom
  2. Apply credits to teams to make them visible in the schedule.  
  3. Add any scorekeepers to the event to update scores (Users -> Click User name -> Click Events in submenu -> Add Event button)
  4. Schedule Display Options
This will show the following on all apps. widgets, reports, and the event website.

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