Monitor Requirements

The following article outlines requirements for the monitor ticker to work correctly:


The venue or event director/operator must supply one or monitors.

Internet Connection

The monitor must be able to access the internet to display the monitor ticker since it's displaying real time results.


  • Google Chrome (Recommended)
  • Internet Explorer (7 and above)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Monitor Ticker URL

The browser must be supplied a URL to the monitor ticker to rotate. The monitor ticker URL for an event can be found under event -> settings -> monitors or a division under event -> divisions -> divison -> settings -> monitors.

Computer or Laptop

A computer, laptop or some sort of device that can attach to a monitor is needed.

1. If there is already a computer setup at the venue that hooks into monitors each screen will need a browser window open to show the monitor ticket on the monitor that computer hooks into.

2. If no connection or wires are available from the computer to the monitor then Chromecast can be used or some other type of mirroring device. Read more about Chromecast to see if that is an option.  You can use more then one Chromecast per computer but you need to open up a new Chrome window and login with a different Google account to do so, otherwise only one tab can be shared per Google account.

3. Use a multi-display adapter that can sync one laptop to multiple monitors.  An example adapter sould be Kensington Universal Multi-Display Adapter.

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