Payment and Prices Setup

The following steps will get your events accept payments.
  1. Login to Exposure
  2. Click Settings in the main menu
  3. Click Payment Providers in the sub menu (Settings -> Payment Providers in submenu)
  4. Click Add Payment Provider button
  5. Choose payment provider
  6. Click Next button
  7. Fill in payment provider fields
  8. Click Save button
  9. Click Events in the main menu
  10. Click event you are adding this to (Events -> Click Event Name )
  11. Click on Settings in sub menu (Events -> Click Event Name -> Settings in submenu)
  12. Select Payment Provider under the Payments section
  13. Modify other payment fields if necessary
  14. Click Save button
  15. Navigate back to the event details (Event -> Click Event Name )
  16. Click Prices in sub menu  (Events -> Click Event Name -> Prices in submenu)
  17. Click Add Price button
  18. Fill in fields and click Save button
  19. Test payments on event website or payments widget (Events -> Click Event Name -> Website Button)

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