iScore instructions (Statistician)

To stat games with iScores and have live scoring and box scores available through Exposure Basketball use the follow steps to get up and running quickly.

  1. Download iScores app on iPhone or iPad and open it

  2. Read iScore training manual on how to stat games
  3. Tap Options button

  4. Turn iScorecast On

  5. Tap Back

  6. Tap Game Manager

  7. Tap Add

  8. Tap Discover Game

  9. Tap Exposure Basketball

  10. Enter username and password provided by the tournament director.

  11. Tap event

  12. Tap facility

  13. Tap game

  14. Tap Import

  15. Tap Yes to confirm import

  16. Tap OK

  17. Tap Done

  18. Tap Back

  19. Tap game

  20. Tap Play to stat game

  21. When game is complete click Exit

  22. Tap Back

  23. Tap Options

  24. Tap Export

  25. Tap Ok to confirm export

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