iScore best practices

Follow these best practices to achieve best results using iScore for live statistics with Exposure Basketball.
  1. iScore will update the final score within Exposure during an Export within the iScore application.  If you want to update the scores manually then you must disable it under the section called Statistics under the Event Settings by selecting Disable Final Score Update.
  2. It is advised to export data at the end of every game.
  3. Don't delete games from the device until the event is over, otherwise the live scoreboard results will be removed.
  4. Turn on iScorecast through the Options section under the iScore app.
  5. Purchase enough credits per device for score keepers to access games to import before the event starts.
  6. Make sure when the game is finished the game clock says 0:00. You can click on the clock when stating a game to do this if necessary.

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