Athlete linking

Exposure gives you the ability to link a roster to athlete accounts.  To do so the follow steps should be taken:
  1. After creating a team under a coach account athletes should be added to the roster.  Do this manually or by importing them with our import file or NCAA roster file provided by the NCAA certification website.  
  2. Send an invitation to the athletes you adding to the team roster which will provider a link to merge their Exposure account to the athlete on the team roster.  A valid email address must be added to each athlete you want to link.


If an athlete is having trouble linking their profile to a team roster there could be multiple reasons:
  1. Check the account dashboard first to see if the team was added successfully.
  2. Didn't receive an official Exposure invitation from you which would link their profile to the specific team.  This email with the links highlighted is shown below.
  3. Received the invitation but didn't login or register through the links found in that invitation email. That email has a specific key to tie the athlete to the team who sent the invite.
  4. The invitation is no longer valid either means it was already used by a different athlete account, the original team was deleted by you or the event director, or they already linked the team to their profile.

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