Online NCAA educational session instructions (Athlete)

This document outlines instructions for athletes on the online NCAA educational session portal found on Exposure Basketball Tournaments. The online NCAA educational session portal allows coaches to keep track of athletes who complete the NCAA educational session for an event they are participating in and for athletes to complete the session online.

Athlete Educational Session Steps (Video)
  1. Athletes will receive an official Exposure invitation email from their coach with a special key in the login or register link found in that email. 


  2. Athletes will be linked to this team after they click login or register from the official Exposure invitation email.

  3. After an athlete has registered or logged in from the link clicked in the email sent by the coach, they can find their team under their athlete dashboard and start the online NCAA educational session.

  4. Athletes need to watch the entire video and answer all questions during the session correctly to receive a completion for the event.

  5. A notification will be sent to the athlete and the coach about completion of the session.
For more information including videos visit Online Educational Session Portal on Exposure.

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