Online NCAA educational session instructions (Coach)

This document outlines instructions for coaches and athletes for the online NCAA educational session portal found on Exposure Basketball Tournaments. The online NCAA educational session portal allows coaches to keep track of athletes who complete the NCAA educational
session for an event they are participating in and for athletes to complete the session online.

Coach Educational Session Steps (Video)
  1. Coaches need to create a coach account on Exposure Basketball Tournaments.

  2. After creating an account a coach needs to register for the event offering the online NCAA educational session.

  3. If a coach registered for the event without creating an account there's a couple of ways to tie that team to a coach account:

    1.  A coach can claim the team on Exposure Basketball Tournaments, by finding the event, navigating to the teams section, and selecting their team. There will be a claim team option at the bottom of the page that says:

    Are you the administrator for this team? Login or register to claim this team.

    2.  A director can invite a coach to claim a team with a valid email address to claim a team through the director dashboard.

  4. After a coach has registered for the event and has a coach account on Exposure Basketball Tournaments, they can create a roster and invite their players to create an athlete account on Exposure Basketball Tournaments.

  5. Coaches can add athletes manually through the coach dashboard on Exposure Basketball Tournaments.

    Coaches can import the NCAA roster file from the NCAA certification website to upload a roster.

  6. Coaches can then send invitations through the coach dashboard to their athletes that have a valid email address to take the online NCAA educational session.

  7. The owner of the coach account will receive notifications when an athlete has completed the session online.

  8. The director and owner of the coach account will receive a notification when an entire team has completed the session.
For more information including videos visit Online Educational Session Portal on Exposure.

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