Steps to get your first event up and running

The following steps are the fastest way to get your event up and running.  You can also watch the video here if you prefer.

1. Create Exposure director account
2. Create event (Events -> Add Event button)
3. Create division (Events -> Click Event name -> Divisions in submenu -> Add Division button)
4. Import or add teams 
5. Add restrictions to teams, click + button instead of save for quick adds (Events -> Click Event name -> Teams in submenu -> Restrictions)
6. Add pools in division (Events -> Click Event name -> Divisions in submenu  -> Click Division name -> Click Pools in submenu)
7. Add brackets in division  (Events -> Click Event name -> Divisions in submenu  -> Click Division name -> Brackets in submenu)
8. Create venue, a default court, field or rink called Main is added (Venues -> Add Venue button)
9. Add Courts, Fields, or Rinks to venue (Venues -> Click Venue Name -> Courts, Fields or Rinks in submenu -> Add Court, Field or Rink button)
10. Add venue to event (Events -> 
Click Event name -> Venues in submenu -> Add Venue button)
11. Create schedule grid (Events -> Click Event name -> Schedule in submenu)
12. Bracket games will already be available if brackets were created from step #7.
13. On schedule grid, create pool games (Events -> Click Event name -> Schedule -> + Game button at the bottom)
14. Drag and drop games or click Auto Schedule button (Might need to click Save to enable)
15. Publish event
16. Update scores

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