Venue travel times

Exposure gives you the ability to add travel time between venues and have the option of the maximum travel time between games for a participant if they play at a different venue.

Add Travel Times

Adding travel times for venues will work in conjunction with minimum time between games and maximum travel time.  If a travel time exceeds the teams next game at a different venue the Validate button as well as the maximum travel time required for participants between their games will show a warning.
  1. Click on Venues in main menu
  2. Click on Travel Times in submenu
  3. Click + Travel Time button in Actions bar
  4. Select Source and Destination Venue  (It's bi-direction so it doesn't matter which is source or destination)
  5. Click Find button to use Google Directions to find travel time, or type in your own Travel Time in minutes.  It's recommended to also include not just travel time but maybe time to walk into the venue and check in.
  6. Click Save or + button to add another.

Add Maximum Travel Time

If a maximum travel time is provided, real time validation during drag and drop is provided where the cells will show which games are out of the maximum travel time. 
  1. Go to event Schedule (Events -> Click Event Name -> Click Schedule in submenu)
  2. Click Settings button at the bottom
  3. Type in Max. Travel Time value in minute
  4. Click Save button

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